Album review – Downcast Twilight “Wrath of the Anunnaki”

Downcast Twilight is a British band formed back in 2015 by members also known by bands like Folkearth, Folkodia and many more… Their previous album Under the Wings of the Aquila was released in 2015, I do not know how success was it and to be honest I missed this album four years ago. Wrath of the Anunnaki was released by Stygian Crypt Productions and promoted by Grand Sounds promotion. I received this album promo a while ago and finally it does sound from my speakers. Album contains ten songs. I can’t name Downcast Twilight’s genre by one word because musicians have been mixing various genres such like death metal, black metal, epic metal and even folk metal; but as a whole I would like to name it as melodic epic death / folk metal. I’m not dare to say Wrath of the Anunnaki is top album within mentioned genre but I can assure you this album is pretty good for all the fans of epic yet enough melodic music with reach ideas and professional approach. Let’s see what will future bring!