Album review – Numenor “Chronicles From the Realms Beyond”

Russian label Stygian Crypt productions has re-released third album of Serbian Epic Power Metal band Númenor (originally released by Stormspell Records in 2017). Looking to the nowaday fans tastes I can say there is enough “weight” for such kind of music worldwide. From the other hand power metal and Epic themes were always like a one whole thing, many bands using fantasy themes in their music… To the fact – Númenor is the name of the five pointed island given to the Dúnedain in the writings of J.R.R. Tolkien. Thus you are able to consider what the kind of lyrics goes from Numenor. Musical part is enough good as well, average power metal which will probably remind you some power metal monsters from the past and nowadays. Music is enough epic and fascinating, two types of vocals – clean and even some “brutal” voices, additionally just great and awesome guitar solos here and there. Sounds like a next power metal fairytale. Of course Numenor is far away from Rhapsody Of Fire but enough good still. I think they should play some big festivals to see fans reaction. Serious work.