Millennium interview

I’m extremely pleased to present this interview with killer UK’s NWOBHM band MILLENNIUM!

Hi Millennium! How have you been?
Hi all at Metalmilitia,

We spent about a year and a half writing the new album. The last song was finished in November 2016 and we started recording the album in February 2017 and finished the mix in May 2017. We recorded the album in France at the Coachhouse Studio in Hesdin. We mixed the album at a local studio in England – Ritual Studio.

Can you talk to us more about your latest stuff?
Most of the songs on the album are about an awakening. For us to come together and see the world around us for what it really is and that we are being manipulated by world governments and world powers.

Did any event in particular inspire you to write this album? Where did you find the inspiration for the songs and lyrics?
We released a lyric video for the song “False Reality” in August 2017 and before the album release to give a taste of what to expect from the new album. We have a new video ready to release soon for the song “Rise Above”.

Any plans to release a new video for some track?
Mark and Will have written all the songs with Will writing most of the music and Mark putting the lyrics to the songs. We demoed all of the songs on our own mini studio first and then arranging the song structure.

How was the recording and writing process? What was it like to work without label?
We actually signed to 3Ms Records in England in February 2017 and recorded the album at one of their studios in France. We mixed a number of songs in France as well but we were not getting the mix that we wanted and so we mixed it elsewhere at Ritual studios in Darlington England. The album was all finished in May 2017. We thought the album would be released in September or October 2017 which is what the record company stated the release date would be. However they changed their minds and said it would be April 2018. We were not happy about the release delay and asked if we could leave the label and take our album, which they kindly agreed. We did have two other record labels who wanted to release the album, but we decided to release it ourselves. The album was released in November 2017.
To be honest, we did not realise how much work it involved to release an album and promote it. I think now we should have released it through a record label and we will definitely go down that route for the next album.

How much each musician influence the album?
Each person in the band has a part in the structure of the songs. Will Philpot is a prolific writer and comes up with some great riffs. Darren Moore joined the band in November 2017 (he was a member of Millennium between 1987 – 1988) and has added double bass drum and power to the drumming. Mark writes most of the lyrics and Andy adds his bass parts and has started writing some music and lyrics for the next album. We have recently added a new young guitarist, Louis Astbury, who is a great guitar player!

Any plans to hit the road?
We have done a few festivals and a few shows so far. We have a short European tour starting in April 2018 supporting a band called Helgrind from England and a German band called New World Depression. We will be playing in Germany, Belgium, Austria and the Netherlands. We are looking to do more shows and festivals so any promoters reading this – get in touch!

What else is happening next in Millennium’s world?
We hope to do more shows. We are also writing new songs for the next album. We have four new songs written so far and we are also thinking of releasing an EP or album of re-recordings of old songs.

Thanks, Mark Duffy.