Parole Perse about ‘EPICENTRUM’ tracks and artwork

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This is the best opening song we have ever written and recorded, the first 3-4 minutes are raw and intense, then there’s the calm before the storm: a couple of minutes break with a clean guitar. It’s one of our favorite songs to play and this often opens our concerts. This song was based from an old idea of Carlo’s previous band, we took just the main riff and built a song around it. Funny fact: the old song were recorded a while ago and for that project Pino was tracking drums. Coincidences?


The first ideas came up a while ago, then we completed the song with a simple structure because the song didn’t need a complex design. This is an emotional song that reflects the hard times we went through as a band and the will of find the light at the end of the tunnel.

3rd Law

This is the most metalish song of the album: evil intro, brutal verse with an ethereal chorus.

3rd Law is one of the first songs written during the “Epicentrum” sessions, Carlo got those heavy riffs and Pino did a great job arranging them, that was fast to write, just a couple of rehersal and we had it.


We call it a “flux song”, it’s a crescendo: mellow start with a very heavy final. We wrote this song pretty quickly (2 rehearsals). Carlo took inspiration from a line in the movie Interstellar: “the empathy rarely extends beyond our line of sight” and built the lyrics around it

This is one of the best and heaviest outros we have in the album. This songs means to go further, rise above, or be more important or better than something, especially a limit. It was time to turn the page and even though we were sad, there was hope and joy to start a new sonic adventure.


It’s a quite simple and minimal track, we wrote the first version at the end of the “My Presence, the Shades” (previous release) sessions. Since the song was well accepted by the audience we decided to keep it by changing some riffs and arrangements. The title “Fission” explained what happened in the band once the 2 previous members left Parole Perse, this is the modification of the chemical equation in order to keep the band on. The best part is the intro, 4 simple notes that go straight to the verse with a “noir” touch.


Libra is our opener, Epicentrum is the final song. The song has been written with an acoustic guitar. This has been a very hard song to complete, I think that before the final product there were like 6-7 versions of it. That is the song that started the band’s revolution, this is a song full of sadness but full of hope at the same time. This song changed everything.


Epicentrum has been the song that changed everything in the band, this is a precise moment where the band took the first steps of a musical evolution, therefore we named this album like that. The artwork is pretty simple to understand, we wanted a symbol of an Epicenter as a cover to show people the massive shockwave we had, the band was split in 2 parts, but after that we kept on working, writing, re-builidng and re-shaping this beautiful entity called Parole Perse.