SnakeyeS interview

  1. Hey! First of all, for those who have missed your band before: What does SnakeyeS is all about?

Hey! SnakeyeS is all about writing, recording and playing traditional heavy metal, with an up-to-date sound and production.

  1. What can you tell me about SnakeyeS latest album “Metal Monster”?

“Metal Monster” is our second full length album and it features 11 new songs of pure, blood-pumping, heavy metal. If you’re into bands like Iron Maiden, Judas Priest or Accept, I think you’ll absolutely adore this album.

  1. When your fans can hear something new after “Metal Monster”? I mean if there is scheduled some info about new album.

“Metal Monster” is available right now through all digital distribution platforms, as well on CD, which you can get through our official website: You can also listen to the album for free on Spotify (and other similar music streaming services such as Deezer) or directly on our YouTube channel: Promo videos for the first two singles – “Sign of Death” and “Metal Monster” – are also available on YouTube.

  1. Do you have enough of positive feedbacks about the album so far?

The vast majority of feedback, from both fans and professional reviewers, has been overwhelmingly positive and we’re very happy with this.

  1. You’ve been active as a band for close to 5 years, what helps you to continue with the music?

I think there’s mix of factors, from our love of heavy metal music to the actual thrill of playing live with such talented musicians such as Carlos Delgado (drums), Justi Bala (guitars) and Jose Pineda (bass).

  1. Is it enough easy to play metal and have stable line-up in your part of Spain? Can you live from album sales?

Although I don’t live in Spain (I’m from Romania), I think playing metal is easy as long as you love doing it. We’ve been fortunate enough to have a stable lineup ever since the band’s birth. As for living from album sales, that’s a whole different story… I don’t really think even bigger bands than ours can make a living just from music sales… It’s just not possible in today’s musical climate. It’s more about passion and not losing money than actually making a profit from this kind of music.

  1. Quite a few people have been involved in SnakeyeS since its inception. How did you come to find a stable, permanent line-up of members?

SnakeyeS has had the same stable lineup from our very first EP (Welcome To The Snake Pit) until now. And I personally hope we’ll never change it because, in addition to being great musicians, Carlos, Justi and Pepe (Jose) are first and foremost amazing human beings and supportive friends.

  1. Which song off of “Metal Monster” would you choose to play if you wanted to create a new fan of SnakeyeS?

I think there’s something for every metal lover on this record. I can’t pinpoint a certain song, since I love them all, but some of my favorites are Evolution, Edge of The World or Rise Up (The Red Plague).

  1. Which was the band that made you go, “that’s it–I’m starting a metal band!”?

For me, definitely Iron Maiden. I couldn’t believe my ears when I first heard The Number of The Beast. That day I said to myself ‘That’s what I want to do when I grow up!’.

  1. Any parting words for the readers of Metal Militia?

Just a very warm “Thank You!” from SnakeyeS and keep supporting your favorite bands and music!

  1. Thank you for your time!

Thank you! Keep the metal flame burning!