Vox Lvciferi interview

Hi Vox Lvciferi! How have you been?

Hi! I’m doing great and have been doing great for a while, thanks for asking.

Can you talk to us more about your latest stuff?

The EP ”Ov Lacerated Soil” is a dark trip into the not so pleasant parts of the human mind both musically and lyrically. As life is a constant struggle with one-self and the environment the human is in.

The music is dark and chaotic, with few strains of light that fade just as quick as they arise.

Did any event in particular inspire you to write this album? Where did you find the inspiration for the songs and lyrics?

I had some issues in my life and some thoughts that were really bothering me a lot. So I had to exorcise them into the music and the lyrics, since this project was my only relief at the time.

The songs are influenced by what I was going through and my interest in reading things like philosophy and the occult. So the album is mainly how to use these ”darker” forces in order to set oneself straight and come out on top of it.

Any plans to release a new video for some track?

I was considering it for a while, but haven’t found anyone who I would like to do it, and would rather go for a music video for the upcoming release I am working on at the moment.

How was the recording and writing process?

It was intense with few breaks and a lot of hard work, like every creative process. However I felt like I really needed that time for myself in order to craft this work. But it wasn’t stressful since I really like to take my time with it in order to make the product as good as possible.

What was it like to work without the label?

Because my experience with a record label is very limited, I don’t really have anything to compare to. I guess it is a bit of a relief since I can do things in my own tempo and not promising things I can not keep.

How much each musician influence the album?

Since it is a one-man band I can only ask myself concerning it. But the experience I have in playing the different instruments really played a role in the entirety, since learning more instruments actually makes you paint a grander picture with more detail

Any plans to hit the road?

Not so far, but hopefully it won’t take too long before it happens.

What else is happening next in Vox Lvciferi’s world?

Right now I am writing on a full-length record with very little reused material which didn’t fit the debut EP. So it is a pretty clean slate with just a few smaller stains I’m working on. I will see what else the future has for me, but I like to go there just one small step at a time and not trying to out-run the train.



Vox Lvciferi