Aether Void interview

Hey! First of all, for those who have missed your band before: What does Aether Void is all about?

Hi Metal Militia and thank you very much for this interview. Aether Void have been founded in November 2017 from the ashes of “No Way Out”. Three of the former members, Albi (Drums), Bruso (Bass) and Erik (Guitar) decided to continue playing and composing together, so they built up a new musical project.
The line up was completed some months later, when two new members joined the group: Thore as vocals and Bond as lead guitar.
In October 2018 we’ve completed the recording of our first studio album “Curse Of Life” at Art Distillery Studios in Modena, Italy.
Our sound is very powerful and aggressive heavy metal, with influences from both classic and modern.

What can you tell me about Aether Void latest album “Curse of Life”?

“Curse of life” is the conclusion of a long period of compositions and sound research.
We’ve started to record the album in october 2018.
All the themes in the album are a part of everyone’s life. We’re constantly in search of our own identity and a satisfying position inside the society.
Some of these themes are: the faith, the deception, the death but also self-redemption.
“Curse of Life” connects two opposed concepts: the first extremely negative (the curse) and the second deeply positive (the life).

When your fans can hear something new after “Curse of Life”? I mean if there is scheduled some info about new album.

“Curse of Life” has just been released. Now we are fully focused on the promotion of this new record. In the next few months, new singles will be released.

Do you have enough of positive feedbacks about the album so far?

Yes, we are very satisfied with the feedbacks we are receiving from our fans and webzines. These positive feedbacks make us very proud and encourage us to give our best.

Revalve records released your album, so how you can value your collaboration, will you continue with them?

Yes, if there will be the possibility. Rob (Revalve Records) is a great manager and we’ve found in him a professional figure from the first time we took contact.

You’ve been active as a band for close to 3 years, what helps you to continue with the music?

We’ve decided to close the “No Way Out” project and open the “Aether Void” project to express our best qualities in music production and composition.

Is it enough easy to play metal and have stable line-up in Emilia-Romagna? Can you live from album sales?

It would be great to live from album sales… but we’re not living in the 80’s anymore. We don’t think it’s easy playing metal and have a stable line-up all around the world.

Quite a few people have been involved in Aether Void since its inception. How did you come to find a stable, permanent line-up of members?

There was a deep changing of genre from “No Way Out” to “Aether Void”, therefor a change of line-up was necessary. Now we have a stable line-up and we share the same passion and purposes.

Which song off of “Curse of Life” would you choose to play if you wanted to create a new fan of Aether Void?

We think that our most iconic song could be “Twisted Maze”. This song reppresent the perfect mix between melody, harmony and metal power.

Which was the band that made you go, “that’s it–I’m starting a metal band!”?

Iron Maiden, without any doubt, are our most influences band. However, everyone of us is inspired by some different bands like Iced Earth, Trivium, Testament, Anthrax, Annihilator and many more.

Any parting words for the readers of Metal Militia?

Thank you all! You can listen our new album on every digital platform as Spotify, Deezer, iTunes etc… and you can also buy the new album and t-shirt on our official website. We hope to play in your country very soon!

Thank you for your time!

You’re welcome, it’s been a pleasure!