Dimlight interview

·         Hey Dimlight! First of all, for those who have missed your band before: What does Dimlight is all about?

Dimlight is a metal band in which we don’t use labels to categorize our sound. If we necessarily have to describe our music, that would be Symphonic metal with black and death outbreaks. We have 5 albums and we play together for 13 years.

·         What can you tell me about “Kingdom of Horrors” @ triple concept album?

The Kingdom of Horrors is a diverse release, a triple album, a Novel story and a role-playing board game are the vital parts of this album. It is a contemporary venture for us and until now, we received very positive comments!

·         When your fans can hear something new after “Kingdom of Horrors”? I mean if there is scheduled some info about new album.

          I do understand it is really difficult thing to release such powerful release with a music, book etc, but maybe you are extremely busy guys, who know! =)

The next album is halfway complete and it won’t take long to be released. Just like the Kingdom of Horrors, it will come with many Unpredictable surprises! Its release will be as well unconditional but we would prefer not to mention more about it now.

·       Do you have enough of positive feedbacks about the album so far? And, what was your main inspiration to release album + book etc etc?

Giving this form to our release, we believe it was somehow necessary.  The story is a major factor in understanding our music’s complexity, as the lyrics are directly interrelated with the composition (music). And that is something that really fascinates us, you see.

·         Sliptrick records released your previous stuff but now you decided to do everything by yourself, why?

Undertaking the release of an album, all by yourself is not an easy thing to do. But when it has to do with such a perplexing endeavor, you really got very few choices. We had to take some risks in order to achieve higher goals. Only time will tell if that was a good decision or not.

·         You’ve been active as a band for close to 13 years, what helps you to continue with the music?

It would be way too predictable to say, we just love what we do. But that would be half the truth. The rest of the truth is that we know that our time is not up yet, so we owe to ourselves, to serve our purpose for as long as we can.

·         Is it enough easy to play metal and have stable line-up in your part of Greece? Can you live from album sales?

Living of album sales while being a band like us, is the least easy thing you could do.  It is impossible! It is the same reason that sometimes leads to lineup changes. When your main interest can’t help you survive, it constantly loses ground amongst your priorities. Therefore, if you’re not strong enough and persistent, you easily give up for something more hopeful.

·         Quite a few people have been involved in Dimlight since its inception. How did you come to find a stable, permanent line-up of members?

A completely stable lineup, after so many obstacles could be impossible. Mora is the newest member and we believe that after this change, we established the prospects for a long-lasting collaboration.

·         Which song off of “Kingdom of Horrors” would you choose to play if you wanted to create a new fan of Dimlight?

That would be a hard decision to make, as the Kingdom of Horrors consists of 10 songs highly contrasting with each other. We would probably choose the Bleeding Sunrise, the song that concludes the album and leads to the grand finale of the story. We also believe that it is a song that contains most of our elements, sort of. 

·         Which was the band that made you go, “that’s it–I’m starting a metal band!”?

Was definitely Iron maiden and Black Sabbath.

·         Any parting words for the readers of Metal Militia?

Love your friends and yourselves. Follow your dreams, and stay away from assholes.

·         Thank you for your time!