(EchO) interview

·         Hey! First of all, for those who have missed your band before: What does (EchO) is all about?

Hello! We are a death doom metal band with a lot of atmospheric elements and clean and melodic parts, we come from Italy and we’ve been active both with recordings and live shows in Italy and around Europe since 2008.

·         What can you tell me about (EchO) latest album Below The Cover Of Clouds?

Below The Cover of Clouds was released in September 2019, via BadMoodMan records, its our third album, and I would describe it as the more distant from classical doom metal, it has a lot more diversity compared to the first two albums. We recorded it last year with our good friend Francesco Genduso from ONDA Studios and Plateau Sigma, Greg Chandler of Esoteric mixed and mastered it, and it features fantastic artwork by Costin Chioreanu.

·         When your fans can hear something new after Below The Cover Of Clouds? I mean if there is scheduled some info about new album.

We have a few ideas in our hard drive, but nothing like a new song yet, realistically I think we can’t hope to have a new album before 2021, maybe even 2022.

·         Do you have enough of positive feedbacks about the album so far?

Feedback has been so far so good we have to say! It’s awesome to see people liking our material even if we slightly stranded away from what were you “trademarks” on the previous works.

·         BadMoodMan Music released your album, so how you can value your collaboration, will you continue with them?

We’ve been working with BadMoodMan since 2011, and it’s the only label we ever worked with, it’s been really good so far. We usually only sign contracts for one album at a time, so we would technically be free to work with somebody else in the future, and a few offers have come to our door in the past, but to be honest, we like where we are right now, and another label would have to give us very, very huge opportunities to make us change.

·         You’ve been active as a band for close to 13 years, what helps you to continue with the music?

The only thing that keeps a band like us alive is passion, if we weren’t passionate about what we do we would be gone for good by now. It’s our antidepressant and probably what we are most proud of in our lives, even if it’s not our profession, it’s our life’s work.

·         Is it enough easy to play metal and have stable line-up in your part of Italy? Can you live from album sales?

We had some line up changes in the past but overall we’ve been very lucky, we see some bands from around here that every 4-5 years have to change lineup almost completely, it’s hard to have a lot of dedication and keep it alive for years and years when you have to deal with life on the side, music is definitely not our job, we all have day jobs, and of course being it a “hobby” sometimes stuff that is more important, like paying rent and bills, must move forward in one’s priorities, which makes it difficult sometimes, but in the end you can tell those who literally live for it apart from those who only do it to have something to do for an evening every week.

·         Quite a few people have been involved in (EchO) since its inception. How did you come to find a stable, permanent line-up of members?

We had some struggles finding a bass player in the beginning, and we had a couple of lineup changes through the years, at the moment we’ve been stable for almost four years, and again, it’s all about passion, and since it’s not our job also about the possibilities of members, and the time and dedication they can afford to put in the band.

·         Which song off of Below The Cover Of Clouds would you choose to play if you wanted to create a new fan of (EchO)?

I think it would be Blind Snow, it’s probably the song that has more variety in the album, so it’s a good presentation of the band, otherwise Glimpses and Fear could do the trick as well!

·         Which was the band that made you go, “that’s it–I’m starting a metal band!”?

Unfortunately, the founding member is no longer in the band at this point, for me the bands that made me say “yeah, I can do this” was probably Katatonia or Swallow the sun, which are some of our biggest influences, and bands like Esoteric and Evoken for the more extreme stuff.

·         Any parting words for the readers of Metal Militia?

Thank you guys for the attention and your support if you already know us!

The best way to keep up with our activity is via our official facebook page, and from there you can get all the information you may need.

If you care to support us the best way is via our Bandcamp page, there you can find bot our albums and merchandise, or on the Solitude Productions website as well!

·         Thank you for your time!

Thank you very much for space! Take care!