For Those About to Squawk: Waldo Pecks on Entombed A.D., In Cold Blood and Devourment

What’s up, peeps? Here is your old boy Waldo reviewing some new sounds, or some old-school sounds, or some, uh, just sounds…

I LOVE Entombed (who doesn’t?), but have never been super thrilled on Entombed A.D. Not that they were bad, it just seemed like… not Entombed. Well, I’m here to tell you that Bowels of Earth is a MUCH needed step up for this band. This is heavier and more aggressive than previous releases. I mean, this release has it all (all that’s expected out of an Entombed release anyway), and the band is really kicking it into gear here. Chainsaw guitars, the classic L-G Petrov bark are all present, as well as that death ‘n’ roll for which they are known. The thing that really sticks out about this compared to earlier releases is the songwriting is more focused and concise. I mean, when your guitar tone is almost a member of the band and you nail it with these songs… that’s a great thing. I’m digging it. 8 Fucking Pecks

Decades later (and like a TON of lineup changes later) In Cold Blood are back at it with Legions of Angels on Fastbreak. First known as an Integrity side-project (the Melnik bothers appeared on their amazing debut), but rest assured this is NO side project. Years later, ICB are going for the jugular hard on this new one. For those not in the know, In Cold Blood are a fierce metallic hardcore band. Calling them hardcore may be a bit of an unfair tag because just because you have breakdowns and come from the hardcore punk world does NOT mean that you’re a hardcore band. Anyway, Legions of Angels is a nasty piece of work, and breakdowns certainly DO abound here. This has a nastiness that is reminiscent of Integrity, but still sounds like it’s own. Check the full-LP stream here. 7 Fucking Pecks


So, I COMPLETELY slept on the new Devourment Obscene Majesty. I usually get pretty bummed when I miss a record this good. Before you get TOO excited, for those kvlt people… Devourment are SLAM, like there is none more slam than this. This is an exercise in NASTINESS, and I mean NASTY… BRUTAL death metal mixed with some crazy ass breakdowns. The songwriting here is excellent, but the production on this thing makes it feel like the audio equivalent of venereal disease. I LOVE THIS RELEASE! 9 FUCKING PECKS


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