Full Album Stream: Future Usses – ‘The Existential Haunting’

The Existential Haunting, the new album from Future Usses, is not always heavy. In fact, crushing heaviness is used sparingly on The Existential Haunting. Instead, the members of Future Usses weave vibrant, post-rock-inspired soundscapes that shimmer and dissolve in warm feedback and static. At the front of the charge is Sacha Dunable (Intronaut, Bereft, ex-Anubis Rising, ex-Crematorium), whose experience with doom, sludge and experimental metal shines through in every song.

Future Usses keep things instrumental on The Existential Haunting, which allows the diversity of the record to shine through. “Make Flowers” could be a Grief song if it were slowed down and drop-tuned just a hair more. “Heavenly Superstition” drones itself into psychedelic bliss. The title track closes the record with a Pallbearer-esque guitar harmony. The trio have no shortage of sounds to explore on the album, and they delve into all sorts of territory to craft a sonically diverse record that challenges perceptions of heaviness.

Hear it for yourself below.

Pelagic Records will release The Existential Haunting on September 14.

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