GC Project interview

Hi Giacomo! How have you been?
Hi everyone. Fine, thank you. Hope you so!

Can you talk to us more about your latest stuff?
Two of a Kind is a concept about the human contradictions, the balanced chaos that rules the universe, the dualism between instinct and reason., love and peacefulness, egoism and madness, the will of change own life and the fear for the changes. The cover represents a genius and a magician (8th song), referred to the instinct and reason, the greatest dualism and contradiction of human race. Twelve tracks across progressive, rock, fusion, jazzy sounds and metal.

Did any event in particular inspire you to write this album? Where did you find the inspiration for the songs and lyrics?
The event is my life and people’s lives I know. I write lyrics inspired to the feelings, sensations, life experiences. The songs are inspired to any kind of music I like and listen to, as you can hear.
When I start to write I don’t care about genre, style or things like these, I write following my sensation in that moment; this is why my songs are very different along the album. I thing music is a very important thing, so I can’t set limits.

Any plans to release a new video for some track?
Yes. After Black rose I released the play-through video of 5 Seasons of Sonora and a second one for The great red spot of Jupiter is to be released. We wanna realize a second videoclip for another song of the album, I don’t know yet which one.

How was the recording and writing process?
About the writing process, I start from a vocal line or a guitar or keys riff and I build the structure of the song, after I write lyrics and themes. The drumlines come at the end of this process: I write patterns and everything else when everything is defined. The pre-productions are gaunt, this because I prefer to work on arrangements in collaboration with the other guys, in order to give the right attitude, interplay and style to each song.
After a couple of months spent to write, develop and study the drum patterns, I start to record drums; after we start to record the other instruments and during this process I work with every musician for the final arrangements. The same for the vocals. For mix and mastering I leave alone the sound engineer; the purpose is to have the vision of sound from another point of view. The only thing I want is to have real sounds: I don’t like and I don’t want triggers, artificial sounds, editing, stuff like this. If I like it’s ok, otherwise we adjust what I don’t like.

What was it like to work with Sliptrick records and how did that relationship develop?
Working with Sliptrick Records is very good. They know their work and have good ideas. The relationship it’s very cool: nice and friendly people, when you have a question or an idea, you have the answers in few minutes and have comparison of ideas. Simply great!

How much each musician influence the album?
Every musician gives his personal style to the songs; it’s very important to me in order to allow the musicians to keep their own personality. So, the collaboration in arrangements is a very important thing and I like very much to work in this way. The result is a song that sounds as I want, with the personal style of the musicians.

Any plans to hit the road?
Yes, the idea is an European tour, we are working in order to realize it; let’s see when and where 🙂

What else is happening next in GC Project’s world?
New songs are under construction for the third album, a new videoclip will come, lives and other ideas I have for the future. I’ll keep you up-to-date.
Thank you very much guys \m/