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Dear reader! My name is Roberto, I’m French freelance writer (metal and rock music). This is my very first article for Metal Militia, I spent maybe 2-3 weeks for writing this “rag”. I listened to already released albums, demos, eps etc plus I got access to upcoming promos to enjot and mentione them here as well. Actually this article is not a kind of “review-article”, this is mostly like “music calendar” (or call it as you want) with just couple sentectes about each release I listened to during this month. I couldn’t listen to each release of this current month but I did all my best and listened to tons of stuff you can read about, haha! Please do not blame on me if I was rude by some wrtiting etc. I hope also you will communicate with me by comments on this article so I’ll get a point how to run this aticle for the future, of course ifthere is any interest from bands, labels and main – You, Dear fans – those who keeping the music flame alive! One more thing – dear fans – do not forget support bands by ordering ther official releases on Physical format, as well as official merch and etc, support real things but not those “air-streaming-services”. So, here we go! Sincerely yours, Roberto,

March 1st

Avantgarde Music has released Drawn Into DescentThe Endless Endeavour, Belgian band has mixed atmospheric black metal with blackgaze and post-rock, five songs drove me into various moods, mostly I get some relax during listening to these but sometimes I was inspired by the entire atmosphere which was a bit depressive. An average post-black metal album, mostly for die-hard fans.

Red CainKindred: Act I. Melodic heavy metal from Canada. Debut album. Seven songs of melodic yet progressive heavy metal. The entire album is overwhelmed by melodies, typical guitar solos and a bit “light” sound and covered by keyboards. Sometimes they sound catching and sometimes not so much, sorry. Professional but enough average progressive heavy metal album, with musicians inspired by Tesseract, Symphony X, Kamelot etc.

TargetDeep water Flames (Australis Records). Chile is far away country but there are tons of interesting bands. The only barrier is a possibility of music promotion from those far away land… But now, thanks to Grand Sounds promotion, I received bunch of bands out of Chile and I have found many good albums there! Just example – Target, a band with awesome potential to create technical and atmospheric death metal which could be hailed here in Europe! Ten tracks which will leave good trace in your heart, believe me!

Blaze BayleyLive in France (Blaze Bayley Recording). Double live album, recorded at the Chez Paulette venue, near Nancy, France in May 2018. There is nothing to say about this band because Blaze Bayley is enough known and respected band worldwide, yeah? =) So I’ll write about the sound only. This live album is a killer example of live recording when you can feel yourself in the crown just during listening to the record, thanks to the speakers, haha! And this live album has proven this. Twenty favorite songs plus amazing live sound will make you happy, believe me!

DarkwaterHuman (Ulterium Records). Sweden. Third full-length album from Darkwater. The band being mixed some kind of light power metal with progressive metal, probably it does sounds not so heavy because of progressive tunes. The whole music is covered by melodic way. Musicianship is on good level but this is an average album, not more. Probably good for melodic and not heavy music lovers.

DrastusLa Croix de Sang (NoEvDia). Second album from French Drastus. I like French black metal scene and La Croix de Sang continues French black metal traditions. Seven tracks of chaotic and atmospheric black metal, violent and occult. Recommended for fans of Deathspell Omega, Thorns etc.

KatechonSanger Fra Auschwitz (Saturnal Records). One more good sign from Norway! Third album from these well-skilled musicians out of Norway, which are known by participation with many other worth bands. Eight tracks of torturous black death metal, fast and merciless, with great amount of memorable moments. I like everything on this album, starting from devilish atmosphere and ending with really impressive guitars with bombing drumming, sick screams and fat bass lines.

DEATH AGONYDesiderata (a Devastating Revelation). I just couldn’t skip this independent French band because they are able to kick ass with their death metal! The second album contains eleven death metal hymns with the ripping guitars, tight bass lines and massive drumming with sick vocals; everything is covered by great progressive structure. Be prepared for both fast and slow tunes; and Death metal sickness of course! Support! One of songs (Massacre) feat Max OTERO of mighty MERCYLESS!

In FlamesI, The Mask (Nuclear Blast Records). The band of billions, haha, right? I’ll be very honest – I was never real fan of this band… Twelve tracks of modern metal with some groovy guitars.

March 5th

EXTREMAHeadbanging Forever (Rockshots Records). Italian metal veterans with the new album. Ten tracks of metal. Some kind of heavy metal mixed with groove metal tunes. Nothing superb but enough listenable.

FORGED IN BLACKDescent of the Serpent (Fighter Records). The second album from UK’s band FORGED IN BLACK. Nine tracks of British heavy metal inspired by their native grands Judas Priest, Iron Maiden and covered by Candlemass doom metal parts here and there. Good album.

March 8th

Canadian folk, melodic death metal band Blackguard has released a single By My Hand, featured Kittie’s Morgan Lander (sounds intriguing). “By My Hand” is just one track (5 min 26 sec) but since this single is being related to the coming new album all I can say – the coming album of Blackguard seems to be interesting. Melodic death metal with keyboards. I’m not sure what this song about but I like it, sounds extreme and quiet at the same time. The single was released on March 8th, so let’s consider it like a “gift” for fematalheads, haha! Good start with this single, I’ll keep my eye on the coming album.

SKELETOON – They Never Say Die (Scarlet Records). I still remember this band from their previous stuff. For me SKELETOON is a good example of Italian power metal, inspired by Rhapsody and etc etc etc. Everything you would love from power metal is here, powerful and catching rhythms, “high” clean vocals, a lot of tempo-changes and so on. Sounds like a “fairytale” of metal! Go on guys!

MalakhimII (Iron Bonehead). Next black metal release from Sweden. Malakhim has recorded their first EP with just four tracks but that is completely enough to wait for some really good stuff when they will be ready for the full-length album. Dark Satanic black metal in its best, no more to add.

BergravenDet framlidna minnet (Nordvis Produktion). Experimental Black Metal from Sweden with their fourth album. To be honest I do not like some kinds of experiments in music but at the same time I can’t reject it or fight about it, you know, right? Eight songs sung in native language, with many things in music like black metal, avantgarde, and even some jazz-inspired passages. Check it if you like experimental music.

Meadows EndThe Grand Antiquation (Black Lion Records). Next band from Sweden. Twenty-one year on the stage and just fourth album? Uhh, not so active. The Grand Antiquation contains with eight tracks. Symphonic and melodic death metal. The whole album’ sound is enough massive, clear rhythm-section, nice guitar solos and epic symphonies, sounds interesting. Orchestrated death metal in your face, fast and sure.

WOLFSBLOODVomit & Lice (Troglodyte Records (Record Heaven)). Yup! Female fronted D-beat from Sweden! Ten tracks of fucking ripping, catching, fast and merciless d-beat. Rolling and beating, haha! Absolutely for the fans of Discharge, Disfear…

MISERY INDEXRituals of Power (Season of Mist). The band returns with long-awaited sixth album. I was curious about this album for a while since band has announced Rituals of Power. What can I say… Nine tracks of death metal madness from the grands! Sounds enough old-school, full of killer tempo-changes, ripping twisted guitars and just brutal drumming. Total recommendation for all the fans!

ATARAXIERésignés (XENOKORP, DEADLIGHT, WEIRD TRUTH). Well-known French band finally recorded new album (fourth). Four tracks of funeral doom death metal in its best. This is the first album with a new band-member – Hugo Gaspar (Guitars). The songs are 17-25 minutes long but as usually are not boring because there are many tempo-changes, slowdowns and etc. Next good shot for your funeral!

Children Of BodomHexed (Nuclear Blast Records). A lot of fans all around the globe couldn’t wait this album’s release date. Melodic death metal masters recorded eleven tracks brand new album. Enough massive and over-melodic album just like it should to be when we speaking about Children Of Bodom. I’m sure fans will dig a lot of this album.

March 10th

Mexican-born, Illinois-based studio project Sadness released their latest full-length album Rain via Flowing Downward. The project’s mastermind name is Damián Antón Ojeda so I didn’t understand why he has nickname – Elisa… Well, Rain is 13th album of Sadness (hard working guy), albums come with six tracks of depressive black metal, sometimes interesting and sometimes really boring with some slowdowns. Next average album for the lovers of depressive tunes.

UhtceareEl Genocidio Primordial Llevará El Nombre Infinito De La Empatía (Flowing Downward), one-man project from Argentina (by Marc (Desprecio, Huszar, Offenbarung). Five songs with 5-16 minutes of playing time each. Partially evil but mostly depressive yet atmospheric black metal mixed with some ambient tunes. My personal favorite was the opener “Ultradedalismo, el asedio perpetuo de espejos (Parte I)” almost 11 minutes track comes with 2-3 parts where you can listen to some slow parts which are being switched into some fast and evil tunes, sounds interesting. Rest songs sounds good as well but I was bored by those ambient parts, sorry. Pretty good album, sometimes evil, sometimes depressive and often covered by some cosmic atmosphere.

Ringarë – Under Pale Moon (Iron Bonehead). Atmospheric black metal from USA (now Sweden) pushed with the first full-length album. I wrote some briefs about modern “post” atmospheric black metal for this month already but those post-black metal bands have absolutely nothing with real atmospheric black metal attitude! Ringarë is an example of pure atmospheric black metal – the way it should to be! Absolutely obsessed by early black metal scene this American / Swedish band recorded absolutely great album. Atmospheric and epic black metal, with enough evil and melancholy. Be prepared for classical tunes full of emotions and misanthropy!

BLOODTHIRSTI am Part of that Power which Eternally Wills Evil and Eternally Works Wrong (Pagan Records). Wow! I still remember this killer Polish band since their Let Him Die album from 2007! Unluckily I missed their previous album but I’m glad to get a new one! First – why the hell use so long title? Hm… Well, I got only one desire after complete listening to the album – to press play button again! Fucking hellish old-school thrash metal! Nine songs of pure evil and destruction! Old-school to the bone and crushing to the end. Awesome album of the day! Like press-release says: “This concept album contains 9 tracks filled with Nietzschean philosophy and aggressive Thrash Metal.”!

REAPER-XRise (Sliptrick records). Nine tracks of some kind of modern metal from UK. Music is aggressive and catching in its core.

March 13th

Frankie C.Cellular Damascus. Hmmmm… Interesting… Frankie Caracci, known for his guitar work in Canadian symphonic death metal band Vesperia started his solo-project. Just like press-release says “For fans of Marty Friedman, Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Buckethead, Tony MacAlpine”, ok, sounds interesting, pretty good comparison because Frankie know well how to use his guitar and he plays guitar very well with a good technique. He can play slow, he can play fast, his fingers know guitar and jumping well. Of course, he is far not aforementioned grands =) I like these four tracks, feel free to check by yourself!

March 15th

Swedish Psychedelic Doom Metal/Rock band Spiral Skies presents their new EP Cult (AOP Records). Just two tracks of classical psychedelic doom / rock. To be correct – doom means “classical” doom here but not doom Metal, okay? Two songs with clear female vocals sent me back into ‘70s =) Worth stuff to be supported by fans of traditional doom rock sounds.

ContrarianTheir Worm Never Dies (Willowtip). “A new school of old school death metal”? Interesting definition =). Just look here – George Kollias – Drums/Vocals. Have you imagined what the kind of music could be blown out of these guys? Yep… Progressive death metal, sounds like a blast from the past… Honestly, classical death metal in the vein of DEATH but with many “own” ideas; progressive but with true old-school feelings, just incredible. Seven tracks of madness. I bet Chuck would give a thumb for this record!

Eugenic DeathUnder the Knife (Heaven and Hell Records). US thrash metal warriors released second full-length album with seven years of break. Seven tracks of straight-forward thrash metal made in classical way, definitely influenced by Testament and Slayer (mostly Testament because of some thresholds and the way of vocals). Very good worth album for all the fans into thrash metal.

SuperlynxNew Moon (Dark Essence Records). Norwegian Dark Essence Records continue support their native bands. Superlynx is a Norwegian Psychedelic Doom Metal with huge Stoner parts (of course). Ten tracks of interesting yet catching music, with really good record quality and musical ideas itself. The music comes with various tempos and deep moods, covered by good female vocals. Recommended for fans of Acid King, Jex Thoth etc.

Black TherapyEchoes Of Dying Memories (Black Lion Records). One more band from Italy. Nine tracks of melodic death metal. Next piece of modern sounds. I was listening to this album just one time but I can conclude musicians did all the best and as a result we received professional album with no any negative moments found. I’m sure all the fans of melodic yet melancholic death metal will like that album.

FallujahUndying Light (Nuclear Blast Records). US prog tech death metal band came here with their fourth album. I was never one of their fans so I can’t say if this is best or worst album of theirs. Undying Light contains ten tracks of modern progressive and technical death metal with the screaming vocals. For sure musicians are professionals and their music sounds interesting but not enough powerful as for me.

URZAThe Omnipresence Of Loss (Solitude Productions). Funeral doom metal from Berlin. The first full-length from the band. Five long tracks of funeral doom metal. Do not wait for something “new” out of here, just for fans of mentioned genre. I like funeral doom metal and I can say The Omnipresence Of Loss is a good piece!

TWISTED TOWER DIREWars In The Unknown (No Remorse Records). American heavy metal band, was started in 1996 and recorded six albums so far. Ten tracks of good heavy metal, mostly could be compared to old classical records. Good piece!

Walls Of BabylonThe Dark Embrace (Revalve records). Italy’s Walls Of Babylon here with the brand new album. Ten tracks of modern progressive metal. The music which will force you to relax and get rid of needless thoughts.

March 18th

Our Dying WorldExpedition (EP). LA, USA, the are of many great bands, and Our Dying World came from there. Seven tracks of heavy metal, mixture between such genres like heavy metal vs thrash metal and etc. Sounds enough interesting, sometimes really reminds such bands like Amon Amarth jammed with Testament. Enough melodic and enough extreme, good stuff for those who are looking for a new bands.

Eggs of GomorrhOutpregnate (Krucyator Productions). Hey kid! Remember! Switzerland is not only about chocolate and high prices! Eggs of Gomorrh plays war black death metal in the way of Sadomator, Teitanblood, Blapshemy and so on! Fast, sick, obscure and full of darkness. True type of goat blasphemous metal hell! 666% recommended!

March 19th

PUTREFIED CORPSELeft to Rot (Xtreem Music). Veeeery good day for all the fans of Death metal! Dutch death metal “newcomers” PUTREFIED CORPSE (includes ex-members of Phlebotomized, Adetar and Death Squad) has recorded their first ever record – Left to Rot. Twelve tracks (including two(?) intros and cover version of Godly Beings (Obituary) of typically killer merciless and rude death metal in the way of Cannibal Corpse, Massacre and some rhythms reminds me of Gorefest! Just killer! Total recommendations!

March 20th

Flowing Downward has released Dwarrowdelf’ – Of Dying Light, the project from United Kingdom, created by Tom (Deavhronun, Gimli, Son of Gloín). Seven songs, Epic metal, inspired by J.R.R. Tolkien and Summoning poetics. There you go with mid and slow tempos mostly, with a lot of melodic guitars and keyboards covered by clean vocals. I’m not sure if I may define Of Dying Light as “black metal” because only guitars sounds in the vein of melodic black metal, thus I would like to stop on Epic Metal definition. Guests are Chloe Bray (Sojourner), singing on “Where Daylight Dies” and Jack Reynolds (Asira and Bykürius), contributing with harsh vocals on “Home Of The Dead”.

Evergreen RefugeSkyward (A Moment of Clarity Records). Hard working Atmospheric Black Metal/Post-Rock project from USA (Colorado, pretty beautiful place for an inspiration!), released ninth album today. The “album” is just one song for 1 hour 6 minutes and 33 seconds. The songs separated to different moods, starting with an ambient, went to some raw black metal and then ambient again. To the fact – the entire “album” is instrumental.

ILLIMITABLE DOLORLeaden Light (Transcending Obscurity). Australians ILLIMITABLE DOLOR has recorded second full-length album. Five tracks of atmospheric death doom metal the old way. The songs come with typical for such genre length – up to 15 minutes. Musically album is very good, typical slow, atmospheric, full of despair death doom metal.

March 22nd

The FlayingAngry, Undead (PRC Music). The second album from Canadian band The Flaying. Intro + eight songs, album probably will start to destroy your ears since the very start (opener song “Disloqué”). The Flaying plays highly catching melodic death metal, based on really dense yet heavy rhythm-section. Extreme and highly technical death metal with some melodic layers on it. Be prepared for raging guitars, vocals, crushing bass and drums and just twisted as hell rhythms which will remind you some major bands who built technical death metal scene! I also can’t miss all those tempo-changes here and there, covered by awesome bass lines and etc… Really, Really good album, enough melodic and brutal at the same time! Incredible mixture between classical death metal with technical wave!

Next shot from PRC Music. Canadian death metal band Accursed Spawn with their first full-length album The Virulent Host. In difference of their countrymates The Flaying, Accursed Spawn plays more “brutal” way of death metal. Not so melodic but the same made with great passion and played on high technical level. Nine tracks of bloody technical death metal, inspired by Dying Fetus, Suffocation, Cannibal Corpse, Obscura to name a few. Fast, technical, catching and just heavy. Support!

Ashen Horde – Fallen Cathedrals (Extreme Metal Music / Rockshots Records). American black metal always brought some non-typical stuff, you know, and two-men project Ashen Horde proves this. Eight songs (+ one bonus-track) of progressive black metal. I’m always a bit afraid when I see label “progressive black metal” but I was surprised after I listened to the very first song of this album (“Parity Lost”) because the band sees “progressive” in its own. Ashen Horde able to mix some classical black metal tunes with let’s say “modern” way of sound-execution… Music sounds pretty saturated and sounds very interesting. Recommended for all the lovers of extreme experiments.

ImprecationDamnatio Ad Bestias (Dark Descent Records). Where is your band located? Texas? Ok, then do you have a time to speak about death metal? Imprecation located in Texas and plays death metal, wanna know more? Okay, do you like old-school death metal? Good, then you must check this album! Eight tracks of blasphemous old-school death metal, built with both slow and fast rhythms of death! I like each single track out of this album, so now is the time of your turn!

VircolacMasque (Dark Descent Records (U.S.) / Sepulchral Voice Records (Europe)). Ireland is not only beer and beautiful nature views but there are some really great bands over there. Vircolac has released their first full-length album, which contains seven track of old-school death metal. One gloomy morning I press play on this promo and I got an idea I even shouldn’t drink any cup of coffee to wake up completely! Gloomy, various tempos death metal made by old school way. Atmospheric yet catching and deeply dark death metal with massive drumming, bass, obscure vocals and awesome tempo-changes.

AORATOSGods Without Name (Debemur Morti Productions). Debemur Morti Productions known thanks to outstanding and original releases. I know nothing about AORATOS but I like a lot their sound-execution! Nine songs, some kind of pure obscure yet chaotic black metal with hellish beating drumming, evil screams and catching tunes. Each track sounds like a merciless darkness came upon the earth and no one will survive! Also be prepared for some ambient landscapes like song “Prayer of Abjection”. For fans of Blut Aus Nord!

THE END MACHINEThe End Machine (Frontiers Music s.r.l.). The time of old good rock! It was awhile since I listened to some kind of good hard rock albums and today is the day of good stuff for me. The band is from USA and in spite I have never heard about them this is pretty good band who are following to the roots of rock music. I can’t say this is old-school way of hard rock but their entire performance sounds like some forgotten music from let’s say – ‘70s-‘80s but with some modern sound, something like that. THE END MACHINE is a brand-new project that features classic-era DOKKEN members George Lynch, Jeff Pilson, and Mick Brown as well as current WARRANT singer Robert Mason. So let’s name this band as a “star-project”, ok. Recommended!

BURNING RAINFace The Music (Frontiers Music s.r.l.). Next US hard’n’heavy band. The band was formed back in 1998 and Face The Music is their fourth full-length album. There are eleven tracks waiting for you. I like this record a lot because it sounds like some friendly jam including bands like Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple and Whitesnake! If you like some classic sounds where blues driven hard rock meets light metal then this album is definitely for you! Just take a beer and relax!

OBSCURING VEILFleshvoid To Naught (I, Voidhanger Records). Line-up: Matron Thorn – guitars/vocals (Ævangelist etc), H.V. Lyngdal – bass and piano (Wormlust etc), Mories – keyboards/synths (Gnaw Their Tongues etc), Jarle Byberg – drums (Urgehal etc). Sounds exciting, yap? Definitely. Just four tracks, one intro and three songs. When I first listened to the intro I decided this album is some kind of next ambient landscapes (despite of line-up with guitars, drums etc mentioned on it), but the very first song show me an other side of medal! Slow as fuck, totally sinister and obscure anti-human psychedelic black/death metal, with really twisted yet raw rhythms covered by some unearthly vocals. Absolutely not for fans of Darkthrone, haha! Be aware by listening to this record if you have weak mind!

Dim AuraThe Triumphant Age of Death (Saturnal Records). Misanthropic black metal from Israel? Sounds good, yap? Never heard about this band before… But fuck, I’m totally impressed by this album! Nine tracks of pure black metal, or read – fucking old-school black metal! Nothing new played, only classical black metal music, raping and razor-sharp twisted guitars, unearthly vocals and just total darkness! I’m dare to say everybody who are worshipping to the really dark and obscure black metal – you MUST check this out! Sick!

Bleeding UtopiaWhere the Light Comes to Die (Black Lion Records / Spiritual Beast). Next melodic death metal from Sweden. Okay, guys, you are right, you are able to play melodic death metal, ok =) I like a lot Where the Light Comes to Die’s melodic death metal because it does sound a bit in old-fashioned way, mainly the whole rhythm-section is typical and pure old-school Swedish death metal by the sound! This is a new album but I listen to it just like it is some lost album from the early-mid of ‘90s… Incredible! Want to listen to melodic BUT still DEATH metal? Welcome to Bleeding Utopia!

Grave ViolatorBack To The Cult (Reaper Metal Productions). Good start with the album title, I like it. The debut album from this Finnish band looks pretty interesting… Nine tracks of old-school black thrash metal with some heavy metal parts in it. Barbaric and twisted black thrash’n’roll in its best, haha! Satan dancing on Jesus’ grave, so just take a beer and listen to Grave Violator when your soul demand something fast, evil and old-school! Twisted hellish rock’n’roll!

SchattenfallMelancholie des Seins (Redefining Darkness Records). Second album from German atmospheric black metal project. Nine tracks of atmospheric yet melancholic black metal in its best. I like the album (mostly their hyper fat bass lines, sounds pretty!).

ULTRA SILVAMThe Spearwound Salvation (Shadow Records). Swedish black metal horde recorded their first album. Seven tracks of raw as hell old-school black metal. Each song has covered by warlike rawness, ripping storming rhythm-section and unearthly screams. Sometimes guitars sounds too melodic what makes their sounds more interesting.

DOMINANZLet The Death Enter (Mighty Music). Third album of this Norwegian band. That’s not so easy to define their musical genre because there are some parts of extreme metal, atmospheric metal and even black metal. Yup, such an interesting mixture of genres and as a result – pretty interesting music, atmospheric metal / black metal. Some guest vocalists Abbath (Immortal), Olav Iversen (Sagh) and Doro Korsvold (Fairy).

Battle BeastNo More Hollywood Endings (Nuclear Blast Records). Fifth album from Finnish heavy metal “heroes” finally released! Eleven new heavy metal hymns. This is not the best album of theirs as for me but still rocking and still good one. I see also fact that Beast In Black gets more and more fans when Battle Beast started lose fans, wtf? Maybe lack of new outstanding ideas?… Any thoughts?

IRON GRIFFINCurse Of The Sky (Gates Of Hell Records). The band is from Finland, the first full-length album. 2019, really? Well… The whole album sounds like it was recorded back in ‘70s or ‘80s, but for sure I know an idea of musicians to make this sound. Seven tracks of old as hell heavy metal with female vocals.

ZatemnoIn The Noose (Aesthetic Death). Black metal from Russia? Hm… I know not so much worth black metal bands out of Russia. Zatemno is not a kind of some outstanding band but their music sounds partially pretty interesting. Sometimes evil, often with an avant-garde tunes but probably not my favorite band, haha!

March 23rd

FrosthelmPyrrhic (Revenger Records). USA again. Frosthelm has released second album. Seven songs of black / thrash metal. They play not some kind of brutal way but enough good. The music does sounds pretty interesting because it’s full of melodies, tempo-changes and etc. I like how did they mixed up those black and thrash metal roots in both ways – separately and altogether, plus those melodic parts sounds good as well. Good album!

GoatkraftSulphurous Northern Bestiality (Iron Bonehead). Norway? Bergen? Sorry, are you kidding me? Black/death metal inspired by mighty Blasphemy? C’mon! I hope I’m not being sleeping, because I was truly surprised by the fact of existing such killer band in the nowadays Norway. Well, Goatkraft plays pure kind of blasphemous black/death metal in the way of Blasphemy, Black Witchery, Sarcofago and etc. Eleven songs full of hellish necromance! Truly barbaric black/death in the best way it could be, full of hatred and destruction! To the fact – you can hear all the instruments what is really good sign! Praise your goat and check this record!

The Black Sorcery – Wolven Degrade (Krucyator Productions / Appalachian Noise Records). Canadian The Black Sorcery has released second album. Ten tracks of raw blasphemous black death metal with some kind of brutal death/grind vocals. The fact – musicians are inspired by music from Black Witchery, Blasphemy, Conqueror etc but their music sounds rawer and partially reminds me Morbosidad thanks to chaotic songs structure, and it does sounds great! Very nice piece of total destruction!

March 29th

EllendeLebensnehmer (AOP records) – third full-length album from this band from Austria. Lebensnehmer sounds much better that many of albums in atmospheric post black metal releases I listened to during last days while composing this article. Eight songs of enough depressive, emotional, catching atmospheric post black metal inspired by Nature, Melancholy, Existentialism… Really worth to be listened.

FALAISEA Place I Don’t Belong To (A Sad Sadness Song). Atmospheric Post-Black Metal from Italy. Typical and standard album, I see there are tons of similar stuff all over the world, the same atmosphere, the same guitar sound and of course typical “screams”. I do not want to say this is a kind of bad music but sometimes it’s pretty boring for me listen to these “post” subgenres. I have no the same feelings about extreme metal, maybe I’m too old?! Who knows. Anyway, FALAISE from Italy plays average post black metal, atmospheric and a bit depressive…

UNDEATHDemo ’19 (Caligari Records). Uh I thought that’s some kind of reunion of Undeath from Denmark, haha! But nope, this power-trio is from Rochester, New York, USA. I like to explore new demo records, and in case with this band I’m very happy having this promo! Just five tracks (shit, c’mon, this is just a demo, five songs is enough!) of pure old-school death metal, enough raw, enough brutal and main thing is the entire atmosphere based on massive sound. Be prepared for some kind of massive old-school death metal, definitely inspired by American death metal scene from the end of ‘80s – beginning of ‘90s. Check it!

Musket Hawk – Upside of Sick (Unholy Anarchy Records). Sludge/grindcore band from USA (Baltimore). Six tracks of sick grindcore vs sludge. Actually, nothing special, average album. For all the fans of heavy sludge rhythms and grindcore sickness.

L.A. GUNS – The Devil You Know (Frontiers Music s.r.l.). 31 years old band from USA has recorded a new album with ten tracks + one bonus. Musically L.A. GUNS can be named as American Hard Rock, typical raw, fast and catching. Pretty good album for those who bowing to raw and dirty rock (n’roll) American way!

Even VastWarped Existence (The Goatmancer records). Italy’s dark doom metal band Even Vast returns with the new album! Ten tracks of some killer tunes, dark and doomy, comes with a bit raw sound. Good album to finish March releases, haha!

A New RevengeEnemies & Lovers (Golden Robot Records). How do you think some record may sound when some influential musicians took the instruments in their hands? Of course, far not always “star” group able to bring some outstanding stuff, but this is not a case of A New Revenge! Ten tracks of modern heavy metal played by old musicians! Just look who is here: Tim ‘Ripper’ Owens – vocals, Keri Kelli – Guitars, Rudy Sarzo – Bass, James Kottak – Drums; how do you like that? I’m sure this album would not be so good if this band was created by some young generation… But these guys know a shit about how does heavy metal should sounds so they did just great album in spite of modern tunes in it! Check it and enjoy!

Mechanical God CreationThe New Chapter (The Goatmancer records). Third full-length album from the band. Twelve tracks of massive death metal with female growls from Italy. I still remember their first album which I listened several times so I was curious about their new album. And all I can say – Mechanical God Creation just prove they are able to create killer death metal tunes, with even some epic atmosphere and technical skills. Very good and powerful piece!

Triumvir FoulUrine of Abomination (Vrasubatlat / Invictus Productions / 20 Buck Spin). Be aware if somebody told you Death metal underground is dead, fuck off! Bands like Triumvir Foul just proving us there is powerful death metal underground scene all around the world. Urine of Abomination is a brand-new EP from this American band. Four tracks full of noisy death metal blasphemy, full of hatred and evil, sounds in old-school way. Destructive old-school death metal machine, must be checked!

NORDJEVELNecrogenesis (Osmose Productions). I’m really glad to have a chance to listen to the second album from Norwegian band NORDJEVEL. One of few releases I discovered during this month with the real black metal approach. Nine war black metal hymns, a bit raw and extremely powerful at the same time. Pure catching guitars, destroying drumming and hellish vocals! For all the fans of evil Norwegian black metal! Dark and Epic at the same time!

AKROTHEISMThe Law Of Seven Deaths (Osmose Productions). The next release from French Osmose productions. AKROTHEISM is a Greek band formed back in 2012. The Law Of Seven Deaths is their second album. Seven tracks of orthodox black metal in its best; chaotic and full of darkest feelings. Check it.

Ship Of TheseusThe Paradox (Punishment18 Records). I do like Italian metal scene but Ship Of Theseus is not something I’ll be praising to unfortunately… Never heard of this band before and now I got why – just because they play modern metal which I’m not a big fan of… 13 tracks of modern and melodic metal. Sometimes sounds interesting, sometimes not. You decide.

Mosh-Pit JusticeFighting The Poison (Punishment18 Records). Bulgaria, wow! Sun and sea? Nope, some kind of thrash metal also! Fourth album from these Bulgarians makes my head banging! Eight tracks of pure thrash metal with some power metal tunes in it, sounds pretty interesting, enough massive and catching!

Manifestic – Anonymous Souls (Punishment18 Records). German quartet has released their very first long play via Italian label. Eleven tracks of progressive thrash speed metal. I can’t say this is kind of typical German metal so do not expect something in the vein of Kreator, Sodom etc but expect really professional metal where musicians respect genre’s roots and adding progressive tunes on it, sounds very good!

Nocturnal Hollow – A Whisper of an Horrendous Soul (Raw Skull Recordz / Redefining Darkness Records). Death metal from Venezuela… Stop, what?! Are you serious? Ve ne zu ela? How does that possible? How did these guys survived during all the situation over there? Well, they did it so that’s great! Because every fucking death metal freak Must listen to A Whisper of an Horrendous Soul. Why? Just because these guys have recorded pure old-school death metal the Swedish way album! Ten tracks of cruel and twisted death metal, with the typical Swedish sound. Check it out!

AIHOSHävityksen Maa (Helter Skelter). Finland brought us many great metal bands in different genres and it’s always good to hear something new from those cold lands. Aihos has released their first album here. Eight tracks of classical black metal with great atmosphere, evil and melody at the same time. Sounds excellent yet without modern tunes. Great album for all the black hearts!

KHNVMForetold Monuments Of Flesh (Testimony Records). The band from Germany/Bangladesh (such close territories, haha!). I have no any additional info on the band but I do not fucking care because I was surprised by their seven songs album! Pure old-school death metal, the kind of ear-raping and head-crushing death metal in the best traditions!

MAGIC CIRCLEDeparted Souls (20 Buck Spin). Good day for those into traditional doom metal tunes. Eight tracks, more than 40 minutes of classical sounds inspired by likes Black Sabbath, Witchfinder General, Saint Vitus, Trouble and more!

NIXAOpus Tierra (War Anthem Records). Second album from this US doom/sludge band (feat. Valentin Mellström of Death Wolf). Seven tracks, almost 40 minutes of doom!

Amber TearsWhen No Trails (BadMood Man). Pagan doom metal from Russia. I think I listened to some old records from this band (but I’m not sure). Five songs of doom metal with beautiful pagan metal “carcass”.

Aether VoidCurse of Life (Revalve records). A new album from Italy’s heavy metal band. Eleven tracks of light heavy metal, with music reach for melodies and tempo-changes. Good!

March 30th

NECROMUTILATORBlack Blood Aggression (Terror From Hell Records). NECROMUTILATOR is not a new band from Italy, here we go with their second full-length album. Ten tracks of killer black death metal made with great passion towards evil and goat! Just evil and Satanic album for all the fans of Sarcofago, Bathory and etc. One of personal top albums from this month!