Osmium Guillotine interview

1. Hey! First of all, for those who have missed your band before: What does Osmium Guillotine is all about?

Dan: To me it’s about having fun, playing shows and getting people involved. Sometimes a beer or two might happen.

Josh: It’s about getting drunk and having a good time while listen to some good ol ‘eavy metal.

Pete: Heavy riffs, and lots of solos, with some catchy lyrics

James: Osmium Guillotine is all about rocking out, having fun, making friends, no ego, no bullshit, just having a few beers and a shared love of heavy metal!

2. What can you tell me about Osmium Guillotine latest album A Million To One?

Josh: It’s full of classic metal riffs and tasty solos. We also experimented with a softer, more psychedelic, style with Metal Man which I thought worked really well. I look forward to seeing what other styles we can experiment with when writing the next one.

Dan: It’s an old school metal album. Proper heavy riffs and some (hopefully) memorable choruses!

Pete: It’s been a few years in the making but it’s finally here. Originally, we recorded it with me on lead vocals but I decided to step away from that and focus more on guitar, so we got Dan in on lead vocals, who we’ve know for years through kaine and is a close friend of ours. He’s come in and smashed it to bits, adding a totally new dimension to us, particularly live

James: It’s the culmination of all our individual tastes, I wrote all the lyrics (except Metal Man which was written by our good friend Aaliyah Wood) covering various topics from the modern world to straight-up sci-fi nonsense, all that combined with Lance and Pete’s riffs and solos, and Josh’s basslines, the whole thing has been very much a collaborative effort in terms of writing.

3. When your fans can hear something new after A Million To One? I mean if there is scheduled some info about new album.

Dan: The work is starting now, so it could be within a year or two. It depends on what life brings us!

Josh: We’ve already started working on the next album, we have a couple of demos along with a few lyrics and riffs to work with so hopefully we’ll get a new album out sooner than we got this one out, but as soon as we get a few new songs written then we’ll definitely add them to future setlists.

Pete: We are writing stuff now and have been chucking some ideas around for a few months now, so maybe soon we might be putting in some brand new material to a live set and seeing what sort of response it gets and if it’s album worthy.

James: As well as new original material for a future, we have actually recorded a cover of a well known classic metal song which may see the light of day soon… Perhaps on a a B-side in the near future? Watch this space!

4. Do you have enough of positive feedbacks about the album so far?

Josh: Yeah! I mean people seem to really like the songs we play live and since having Dan join the band, we’ve been having loads of positive feedback which is awesome.

Pete: We’ve had plenty of positive feedback which is great. We’ve a few negative comments but that’s always normal, you can’t please everyone. Plus some people are stuck to their ways with what I call “big band syndrome” where they think any new bands trying to break through are no good and will continue to spend money on Metallica, maiden etc, but turn their noses up at any smaller bands like us.

Dan: Yeah, the response has been very good so far. People seem to like what we’ve got going on.

James: We have had a very very good response so far from those who have bought and listened to the album, our album launch gig in Braintree on the 14th September was a fantastic night too, rammed full of friends and fans who were all there to have fun.

5. You’ve been active as a band for close to 9 years, what helps you to continue with the music?

Pete: Enjoying it and getting along well with each other. We sometimes have a few little arguments but that’s always the case in any band, but we nearly always have a laugh when we are together, and it really helps when you are creating new music, everyone’s relaxed and everyone feels comfortable chipping in ideas.

James: I honestly think what’s great about this band is that nobody has any ego, we all take the piss out of each other but nobody gets offended as we’re all mates, everyone has their input into what the band does. I think that sort of democracy is one of the most important things. As soon as one person starts dictating everything a band does, that’s when things can turn sour.

Josh: Definitely the fans, they give us the motivation to carry on writing music and giving it our all when we preform! Sounds very cliché but if it wasn’t for them then we wouldn’t be where we are today.

6. Quite a few people have been involved in Osmium Guillotine since its inception. How did you come to find a stable, permanent line-up of members?

Pete: Not sure really. Just finding people we get along with. Me and Lance joined back in 2010, and the band had been going just over a year at that point. So James is the only true original member left, but the three of us have known each other now for 8 years and i think that’s helped keep the core of the band stable. Josh came in 4 years ago and is firmly part of the furniture now, and with Dan now our frontman, I think this is the strongest line up we have ever had.

James: The early part of the band’s existence were still very much finding our feet, I’d not long been playing the drums and we were mainly playing cover songs whilst writing early material. That line-up only really lasted a year, but as Pete says, since he and Lance joined in 2010, we’ve collectively formed the backbone of the band for 8 years now, we’ve had a couple of bass players come and go before Josh joined, and Dan is the new boy, making us a 5 piece for the first time and I’m enjoying it more than ever!

Josh: We just get along with each other, like many bands there are some disagreements between us but we always end up just having a few drinks and laughing about it later.

7. Which song off of A Million To One would you choose to play if you wanted to create a new fan of Osmium Guillotine?

Pete: I’d definitely show them through the black mirror. That song has everything that we are about.

Dan: Through The Black Mirror. Go stream it now on Bandcamp. Absolute tune.

Josh: Probably Through The Black Mirror, it’s definitely my favourite song off the album and I’ve heard a few people say that it’s a very catchy song and is the best way to kinda show what kinda music we play.

James: Through the Black Mirror was the track we released publicly in advance of the album as it seemed to be the most popular amongst fans. He Played Rock n Roll and Paradox are also very popular. We do try not to repeat ourselves from one song to the next, so it’s really hard to judge us based on the any one song. One person’s favourite could be another’s least favourite!

8. Which was the band that made you go, “that’s it–I’m starting a metal band!”?

Pete: Well I’ve never thought about starting my own band, but only joining one. I always remember listening to pantera when I was about 11 and hearing Dimebag play the solo on Domination, thinking “I need to learn guitar”. So I did. Which then led to me wanting to eventually join a band, which ended up being Osmium Guillotine.

Dan: Iron Maiden. Specifically ‘Phantom Of The Opera’. Made me pick up a guitar and start learning music. Somehow I have ended up becoming a singer!

Josh: There’s many bands that have done that for me, Iron Maiden, Misfits, Metallica, Slipknot etc. I went through a few different bands when I was younger that mainly consisted of playing covers with a few mates in my hometown so they didn’t really go anywhere. Then I found out the guys (Osmium Guillotine) were looking for a bassist so I thought I’d try my luck at joining then I guess the rest is history.

James: Iron Maiden for me. I’ve been watching live music since I was very young (I grew up in a pub!) so music has always been in my blood, but when I first saw Maiden live in 2003 that was the moment which made me think “I want to do THAT!”

9. Any parting words for the readers of Metal Militia?

Josh: If you’ve got the time, go to your local music venue and check out some of the band’s there, you’d be surprised and what you might see. You never know, you might discover your new favourite band.

Dan: PLEASE don’t stop supporting the bands you like. Buy an album or a shirt. Don’t be afraid to message/write to them and show your support. It really helps make it worthwhile.

Pete: Give the smaller bands a chance. There’s plenty of relatively unknown bands out there that are better than what’s being served up in the mainstream at the moment. It just needs to be given a chance to blossom and expand. There’s a lot of talent that’s to be found still, so never be afraid to give a new band a listen , or buy a CD from them

James: Thanks for reading this far! Now go and buy our album please, it’s well good.

10. Thank you for your time!

Dan: Thanks for taking the time to interview us! \m/