Track Premiere: Soen – ‘Lucidity (Live Version)’

Soen‘s credentials as a progressive metal supergroup are pretty impressive. Former Opeth drummer Martin Lopez is joined by bassist Steve Di Giorgio (ex-Death, Charred Walls of the Damned, Testament), vocalist Joel Ekelöf (Willowtree) and guitarist Kim Platbarzdis. They combine soft melodies with heaviness with ease, and excel at both heavier tunes and emotional ballads. Their third album, Lykaia, is being reissued this year and it comes with some cool extras, including a live performance of their song “Lucidity.”

The performance speaks for itself; it’s hard to believe that “Lucidity” is a live performance until the audience’s clapping at the end of the song. There are no voice cracks, awkward banter or jarring transitions as the band shifts from quiet into louder, almost psychedelic, sections. In other words, the live tracks on Lykaia Revisited aren’t throwaways at all. They’re a worthwhile window into the world of a very talented, experienced band.

Hear “Lucidity” live in Rome for yourself and pre-order Lykaia Revisited here.

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