Veonity interview


Hey! First of all, for those who have missed your band before: What does Veonity is all about?
In the late 90’s and early 2000 the power metal scene were blooming. Gamma Ray, Hammerfall , Edguy and Blind Guardian wrote some immortal songs! We want our sound to be like that Fast, aggressive with an epic and majestic feeling. Veonity believes in well written choruses that can be remembered until the end of time and that Power Metal can be performed without adding a whole symphonic orchestra .

What can you tell me about Veonity upcoming album “Into The Void”?
”Into The Void” is a space saga. It’s purely fiction about a man who is leaving a dying earth behind while traveling to new horizons. The story is also about what kind of challenges our lonely spaceman meets in the cold empty space. It’s a concept album just like “Gladiator’s Tale” was. In our opinion, concept. It’ album brings an album something more.

What is the main difference of “Into The Void” and your previous album?
Well, when you write a concept album you have to illustrate the storyline in musical terms. On “Gladiator’s Tale” the music was a little bit war themed so that it would go with the story of a gladiator. Since “Into The void” is a space saga we wrote the song to be more spacelike haha. It’s of course difficult to explain how it’s sound but if I were to try I’s say that the songs are faster, and a little more aggressive.

Another difference of course is that on “Gladiator’s Tale” we still had our old singer singing while on this album Anders is doing all the vocals. I would say that Veonity is sounding more like Veonity on this album!

Do you have enough of positive feedbacks about Veonity as a whole so far?
Yeah! We’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback and not only by die hard metal fans like you but also from people that might not listen to Power Metal on a regular basis. It must have something to do with our songs being magically catchy haha!

Sliptrick records released your first album as well, so how you can value your collaboration, will you continue with Sliptrick records even after second album release or you might to be on bigger label?
We are very pleased with the cooperation with Sliptrick so far.  They are doing a good job with spreading our music throughout the universe! Actually that is what it is all about. We want our music to be spread worldwide since the world would be a better place of more people listened to Power Metal.

You’ve been activeas a band for close to 3years so far, what helps you to continue with the music and to have the same original line-up?
The line-up has been through some minor changes since the start. It always takes time until you find the right members. In the beginning we had a different drummer and singer but nowadays we are a solid group.  We all know each other since almost too many years back. You could say that we are sharing both past, present and in some way also the future since we all share the passion for Power Metal and of course the passion for Veonity!

Is it enough easy to play metal and have stable line-up in your part of Sweden? Can you live from album sales?
Well to be honest, nowadays few bands sell records like they did in the last millennia. Times are getting tougher and not only for metal bands but also for artist and bands in every genre. Its actually quite sad to see record stores close down CD is become somewhat an ancient thing.

However, in time people will change. I think it’s in our nature to have things in the real world (and not just in digital forms). I want the children of today to grow up and know what it feels like to open up a CD, take out the booklet and travel into another dimension.

Which song off of “Into The Void” would you choose to play if you wanted to create a new fan of Veonity?
I think I’d make a mix tape (if I only knew where to buy actual tapes) of all the epic parts from the album! The mix tape would at least contain “Winds Of Faith”, the last chorus of “When Humanity Is Gone”, a magical choir part in “Astral Flames” some choruses of “Warriors Of Time”, “A new dimension” and Frozen!

Which was the band that made you go, “that’sit–I’m starting a metalband!”?
Of Course we all have our special favorite band that made us fall in love with the power of metal. For me I know for sure it was the song “beyond The Black Hole” from Gamma Ray’s album “Somewhere Out In Space”

Any parting words for the readers of Metal Militia?
It took mankind thousands of years before realizing that the earth was round. This means  that it will come a time when all of mankind will be listening to metal. We just have to keep fighting for what we know is right!

Thank you for your time!
Thanks! Keep the fire burning!